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Secord William. The American Dog at Home: The Dog Portraits of Christine Merrill

Whether highly bred canines or loveable mixed breeds, America has fallen in love with the dog, and who better than Christine Merrill, America-s premier pet portraitist, to chronicle this long term relationship. As best selling author Barbara Taylor Bradford exclaims, -She has caught my Jemmy exactly; the portrait is perfect in every way.- While grounded in the traditions of 18th and 19th century E...
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Sinclair Kirstin. A Front Row Seat

Through a series of candid photographs taken over the last 7 years and covering all the different elements that make up the catwalk shows - Backstage, Front Row, Catwalk and Street Style - the more casual viewer will get an insight into the chaotic world that makes up the apparently glamorous fashion shows! Unlike many shots from the shows published in women-s fashion magazines the book will have ...
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Rayner Geoffrey. Pop: Design, Culture, Fashion 1956 -1976

Pop! Design, Culture, Fashion 1955 - 1976 covers all aspects of Pop design in Britain and America, from early rock n roll to punk. It looks at record covers and packaging designs by Pop artists such as Andy Warhol, Peter Blake and Richard Hamilton, and the work of fashion designers such as Mary Quant, Barbara Hulanicki from Biba, Vivienne Westwood and John Stephen of Carnaby Street fame, as well a...
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King Averil. Isaak Levitan: Lyrical Landscape

This is the only western study of the renowned Russian landscape painter, Isaak Levitan (1860-1900). This third, expanded edition is further enhanced by new images and extra chapters about his portraits, still lifes and cityscapes; it also discusses his working methods and assesses the influence of his output on later artists. Born into a poor Jewish family in Lithuania, Levitan was able to enrol ...
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Hartman Rose. Incomparable: Women of Style, Rose Hartman

This volume spans more than 35 years and includes both iconic and rarely seen pictures of celebrated women taken by photographer Rose Hartman....
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Charles Caroline. Caroline Charles

A monograph of the work of acclaimed womens wear designer, Caroline Charles....
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. British Flower Painters 1650-1950

British flower painting has its own unique, if relatively recent, history, but it can only be judged in the light of the wider history of the subject and by comparison with other, particularly European, countries. The first chapter of -A History and Dictionary of British Flower Painters-, therefore, sets the scene with a brief introduction to floral art world wide before the next four chapters con...
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Ridgway Maurice H. The Compendium of Chester Gold and Silver Marks 1570 to 1962

This work provides a comprehensive listing of all known Chester marks in easy-to-use format with photographs of the actual marks....
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Duncan Alastair . Galle Lamps

This book divides the Galle cristallerie's vast production of light fixtures into two basic categories: those created before Galle's death in 1904 and those produced by the firm from then until its closure in 1931. Curiously, many of the... ...
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Holmes Caroline . Impressionists in Their Gardens

'Impressionists in their Gardens' explores gardens through the senses of the Impressionists from three continents - Europe, North America and Australia - enjoying the essentially similar pleasures of the garden, but engaging with the light... ...
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Mallalieu H.L. . Understanding Watercolours

This book acts as a practical introduction to the subject of collecting British watercolour paintings. There is a lot more to collecting than noting just the price, the name of the artist and deciding whether or not one likes the subject. Many... ...
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Lester Richard . Dress of the Year

The Dress of the Year is a deluxe study of exquisite fashion from 1963 to the present, drawn from the renowned collection at the Fashion Museum, Bath. Each year, a fashion-world luminary is invited to capture the definitive moment in an international... ...
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Andrews John . Arts and Crafts Furniture

The Arts and Crafts Movement produced some remarkable furniture. Its principal designers, though not all, were architects motivated by principles of good design and honest workmanship. The results varied from the sober oak austerity of Voysey and the... ...
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Holmes Caroline. Monet at Giverny

Claude Monet spent the last 43 years of his long life at Giverny, creating the paintings and gardens for which he is now revered. From the standpoint of his garden this book considers the controlling intelligence behind both landscape and art, and the......
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Fleisher Elan. The Riads of Marrakech

Presents sixteen of the very best Riads of Marrakech, each one illustrated with sumptuous photographs, capturing their beauty and exotic charm....
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Gloria Granz Gonick. Early Carpets and Tapestries on the Eastern Silk Road

The carpets and tapestries created along the Silk Road over five hundred years ago, with riveting yet puzzling designs, have been preserved in closed treasure houses in the former Japanese capital since the fourteenth to fifteenth centuries. They are......
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. Jazz: The Iconic Images of Ted Williams

From the smoky backstage dressing rooms of New York and Chicago's pioneering jazz clubs to the acclaimed Jazz festivals that flourished to enthrall legions of fans, Ted Williams' camera captured the intimacy and the wizardry of Jazz's... ...
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Blunt Wilfred. The Art of Botanical Illustration

This major work, first published in 1950, is still considered the classic work on the subject. The book was revised and enlarged by ACC in the year 2000, and published to overwhelming acclaim; this is a reprint of that edition. It provides a......
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