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Steve Turner. The Beatles 1962-66: Stories Behind the Songs

There was rich praise for the original edition of The Beatles Stories Behind The Songs Book, including Steve Matteo in The Music Paper describing it as -One of the most readable and illuminating books ever written about The Beatles-. In his autobiography, Many Years From Now, even Paul McCartney acknowledged Steve Turner-s work. Who was -just seventeen- and made Paul-s heart go -boom-? Was there r...
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Scott Robert. Спасибо за музыку (на английском языке)

Everybody loves ABBA - as proven by the blockbuster success of -Mamma Mia!- the movie. -Thank You for the Music- traces the story of the Swedish supergroup--which has sold an estimated 350,000,000 records, tapes, and CDs - through their songs. Starting with their world-conquering 1970s disco hits, it travels through to the more reflective 1980s, with -The Winner Takes It All- marking a watershed i...
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Chanteranne David. Наполеон (на английском языке)

Napoleon Bonaparte is one of history-s greatest generals. He is famed for his outstanding military success - which facilitated the growth of France-s empire to one of the greatest Europe had seen since Rome - but also for his impressive political achievements most notably the civil laws known as the Napoleonic Code. Napoleon is the first biography to contain at least 20 items of rare and removable...
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788 руб.

Alexander Pansy. Nail Art Sourcebook

With the current movement for extreme and individualistic beauty, nail art is a way to make your own personal statement as well as turn your nails into the hottest fashion accessories around. In The Nail Art Sourcebook, you will find hundreds of ideas for designs using a full range of effects, all of which you can do yourself or take to a nail technician to execute professionally. The sourcebook o...
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Allen Carmel. The Handbag: To Have and to Hold

An indispensable accessory as well as a key fashion statement, the handbag is portable boudoir, office, bank and emergency kit for women. With chapters on the history of the handbag, a Who-s Who of style-shapers, a look at the contents women carry and an A-Z of international designers and brands, this book is suitable for handbag lovers....
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. Moshi Monsters Musical Mystery Tour. An Augmented Reality Book

This amazing augmented reality book is based on the hottest internet success for kids: Moshi Monsters. Digital magic brings Monsters and Moshlings to 3-D life, and allows you to join them on your computer screen. You can find out how you'd look... ...
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Caldwell S.A. . Secrets of the Dragon World. Curiosities, Legends and Lore

This sumptuous folio takes Carlton's publishing on magical and mythical creatures to an even higher level. An engaging visual feast, it transports readers to the very heart of a world where dragon fire lights up the skies. With painstaking... ...
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3147 руб.

Howard Michael . The treasures of Monet

Produced in association with the Musee Marmottan Monet, this beautifully illustrated book looks at the life and work of the leading light in the Impressionist movement. Augmented by the inclusion of circa a dozen facsimile documents, selected from... ...
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Fairs Marcus . Green Design

From vast architectural projects to modest one-off pieces of salvaged furniture, "Green Design" shows how the design world is responding to the environmental challenges of the twenty-first century. Emerging trends in green design are... ...
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955 руб.

Lawson Beverley. The Fairyland Colouring Book

It is impossible not to have fun adding colour to this stunning collection of woodland sprites. Whether you-re applying the finishing touch to a fairy in the forest or bringing a fairy in flight to life, The Fairyland Colouring Book will enthrall......
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Lawson Beverley. The Mehndi Colouring Book

It is impossible not to have fun adding colour to this captivating collection of mehndi designs. Whether you-re completing hypnotic paisley prints, exotic birds or beautiful flowers, The Mehndi Colouring Book will entertain you for hours. With......
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2566 руб.

Bronson Fred. The Sound of Music. Family Scrapbook

In March 1965, excited audiences watched as Julie Andrews appeared on the hills outside Salzburg, singing and dancing her way into the hearts of seven children and their widower father, before making a daring escape from the Nazis. Since that first......
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809 руб.

. Poster Pack: Great British Holidays

Whether it-s messing about in boats on the Norfolk Broads, water-skiing at Felixtowe, reclining at the water-s edge on a Welsh beach, or soaking up the culture of the Scottish capital, this delightful set of posters evokes the golden era of......
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Hatfield Tom . World of Tanks. Commander's Guide. Improve Your Game. From Beginner to Expert

World of Tanks is the hugely popular online video game dedicated to tank battles. In terms of playability, historical accuracy and enjoyment it is second to none. World of Tanks holds a Guinness world record for the highest number of players on one... ...
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. The Ultimate Box Set Guide: The 100 Best Series Rated and Reviewed

Previously, it was all about cinema. Yet the twenty-first century has increasingly seen fans and critics alike switching their preference to long-form TV, where the stories, characters and talent are now centred. As the pioneering HBO shows proved,......
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May Brian . Crinoline: Fashion's Most Magnificent Disaster

Crinoline is thoroughly documented in stereo photographs, the raison d'etre for the London Stereoscopic Company; it is a fashion that reveals vast amounts about Victorian society, in particular through copious satirical cartoons from French and... ...
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James Sarah-Louise . Adele

From humble beginnings Adele has come to be a globally recognised icon. Her first album shot her to fame and the second consolidated her position as a singing/songwriting superstar with lasting, global appeal. She has already won more than 40 industry... ...
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Welch Chris . Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin documents the incredible journey of four talented rockers on the path to musical glory, and reveals the stories behind all of their recordings. It adds up to the essential re-telling of the greatest story of sex, drugs and rock... ...
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Wintercroft Steve . Game of Thrones: House Lannister Lion

Join the noble houses of Westeros and proudly wear or display the official Game of Thrones House Lannister Lion 3D Mask & Wall Mount series. This fabulous full-size 3D mask, designed by the amazing Steve Wintercroft, uses the official house sigil... ...
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1923 руб.

Caldwell Stella . The Fantastical World of Beasts

Incredible creatures from myths and legends are brought to life in this gorgeous book. From dragons to hippogriffs, kids will pore all over beautiful images of these creatures in amazing CGI, as well as detailed spreads containing glass-box displays... ...
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. Kew Golden Age Of Botanical Art

Kew: Golden Age of Botanical Art brings together the stories of the intrepid explorers - some of whom became botanical artists by default - and the many professional artists who recorded the flora that they discovered on their travels and expeditions. ...
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. The Godfather: The Official Motion Picture Archives

How to explain the enduring appeal of the The Godfather film and its two sequels? This book, The Godfather, concentrates on the elements that combined, against all odds, to make the Paramount production so successful when it appeared in 1972: the... ...
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