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Serway Raymond A. Scientists and Engineers, Chapters 23-46: Volume 2

As a market leader, PHYSICS FOR SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS is one of the most powerful brands in the physics market. However, rather than resting on that reputation, the new edition of this text marks a significant advance in the already excellent quality of the book....
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Kay H. Kenner. Selling Tourism

-Selling Tourism- provides students with clear and concise instruction on how to become a successful salesperson within the tourism industry. The text breaks down the tourism sales process into 12 easy-to-understand points and provides a step-by-step approach on how to close a sale. By focusing on attitude and problem solving skills, students learn how to generate and increase overall sales. The m...
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Rowes Peter. Taxation and Self Assessment

Taxation and Self-Assessment 2004 has been updated for those provisions of the Finance Act 2004 that relate to the income tax year 2004/5. In particular it incorporates all the personal tax rates and allowances, and reliefs, together with changes in the capital allowances for self-employed businesses. Corporation tax changes include the new non-corporate distribution provisions, transfer pricing, ...
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. Hooray! Let's Play! Starter. Student's Book (+ Audio CD)

Hooray! Let's play! is the brand new 3-level course for 3 to 5-year-olds by world-renowned author team Herbert Puchta and G?nter Gerngross. This exciting and innovative course helps you maximise your English lessons with very young. learners and... ...
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Crawford Michele. World Wonders 1. Student`s Book (+ CD-ROM)

Bring the world of English language learning to life through breathtaking images and fascinating facts which interest and stimulate students. Teach them about the world we live in, its people, its customs and its wonders. Key features: • Captivating National Geographic photography used throughout. • Authentic National Geographic DVD material. • Non-fiction reading texts based on National Geographi...
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Gough Chris . English Vocabulary Organiser. 100 topics for self-study

English Vocabulary Organiser is one of the most useful and comprehensive vocabulary practice books currently available. It covers 100 of the most common topics and is the book many students have been waiting for - a book to organise words and... ...
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Carl J. Christensen . Foundations of Music

This versatile text provides a detailed introduction to fundamental musical concepts while remaining clear, concise, and accessible, even for non-majors. ...
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Keith C. Brown . Analysis of Investments And Management Of Portfolios

This title teaches readers how to manage their money in order to maximize earning potential. From asset allocation to selective investments in a global market, this book gives readers a solid foundation in personal finance and presents the same tools... ...
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Cook Rolf . Success with BEC Preliminary. The New Business English Certificates Course

BEC is an internationally recognised business qualification that demonstrates an ability to use English in professional contexts. As a University of Cambridge ESOL examination, international companies use it as a suitable entry requirement by academic... ...
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John E. McMurry. Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry

Homework help! Develop the solid problem-solving strategies you need for success in organic chemistry with this Study Guide/Solutions Manual. It contains answers to all problems in the text....
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. Practise & Pass Pet. Student-s Book

Practise and Pass Preliminary for Schools is an exam preparation book for school-age students who are preparing for the Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) for Schools examination. Practise and Pass Preliminary for Schools has been written for......
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. English Explorer 2: Explore, Learn, Develop (+ CD-ROM)

English Explorer is a motivating new four-level series for students at secondary level, with a strong International focus. It combines a communicative approach to learning English with stunning National Geographic images, video and content. With......
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. English Explorer 1: Explore, Learn, Develop (+ CD-ROM)

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Brieger Nick. Success with ILEC: International Legal English Certificate (+ CD-ROM)

Success with ILEC provides both detailed information about and vital practice for the ILEC exam. The book and accompanying audio CDs are invaluable for maximising exam results and are perfect for self-study....
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Anderson David . Quantitative Methods for Business (+ CD-ROM)

This revision of QUANTITATIVE METHODS FOR BUSINESS provides students with a conceptual understanding of the role that quantitative methods play in the decision-making process. This text describes the many quantitative methods that have been developed... ...
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