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Princess Elisabeth . The Correspondence Between Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia and Rene Descartes

Between the years 1643 and 1649, Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia (1618-80) and Rene Descartes (1596-1650) exchanged fifty-eight letters - thirty-two from Descartes and twenty-six from Elisabeth. Their correspondence contains the only known extant... ...
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Guilbault Jocelyne . Governing Sound. The Cultural Politics of Trinidad's Carnival Musics

Calypso music is an integral part of Trinidad's national identity. When, for instance, Franklin D. Roosevelt asked the great Trinidadian musician Roaring, Lion where he was from, Lion famously replied the land of calypso. But in a nation as... ...
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Herberg Will . Protestant-Catholic-Jew. An Essay in American Religious Sociology

The most honored discussion of American religion in mid-twentieth century times is Will Herberg's Protestant-Catholic-Jew... It spoke precisely to the mid-century condition and speaks in still applicable ways to the American condition and, at its... ...
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Karban Richard . Induced Responses to Herbivory

Plants face a daunting array of creatures which eat them, bore into them and use virtually every plant part for food or shelter. However, plants are far from defenceless under attack. Although they cannot flee their attackers, they can produce... ...
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Carol Zisowitz Stearns . Anger. The Struggle for Emotional Control in America's History

In this groundbreaking social history, Carol and Peter Stearns trace the two hundred-year development of anger, beginning with premodern colonial America. Drawing on diaries and popular advice literature of key periods, Anger deals with the everyday... ...
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