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. Design for Space

Covering the period from the beginning of the Cold War to the installation of the International Space Station, this book documents a rare collection: almost 250 mission patches worn by Soviet and Russian cosmonauts since 1963. Alexander Glushko, one... ...
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Wilk Sabrina . Drawing for Landscape Architects

Few other professions can match landscape architecture's requirement graphically to represent and communicate so much content and so many ideas. From large-scale master-plans and strategic visions, design concepts and outdoor experiences, to... ...
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Palsson Karsten . Public Spaces and Urbanity

This book is about renewing the city with room for people, about historical overlay and respect for the building traditions of the past, and about new architecture on a human scale. The book takes its departure in the European tradition of the dense... ...
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Goldhoorn Bart. Capitalist Realism. New Architecture in Russia

This selection of over 50 projects, presented in large-scale photos as well as complementary ground-floor plans and sketches, communicates a differentiated impression of post-Soviet architecture, ranging from the picturesque Vodka Pavilion in the......
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. Behind the Iron Curtain: Confession of a Soviet Architect

The prominent architect Felix Novikov was born in 1927, when the famous Constructivist Konstantin Melnikov was at the peak of his career. Novikov tells the dramatic story of Soviet architecture, portraying the conditions he worked in and how he... ...
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Hossbach Benjamin . Competition Panels and Diagrams

Architectural competitions act as a tool for enhancing a design and selecting planning partners. The quality of urban development, high-rise buildings and open spaces is thus sustainably improved. Nevertheless, this planning and awarding tool is... ...
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Chmelnizki Dmitrij . Iwan Scholtowski

Iwan Scholtowski gilt als Schl&#252;sselfigur der sowjetischen Architektur. 1932 wurde er durch den Wettbewerb f&#252;r den Palast der Sowjets weltbekannt. Nach Stalins Hinwendung zum sozialistischen Klassizismus, die das Ende des russischen... ...
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Wolfgang Hoffmann Hans . Museum Buildings

The museum as a building type and architectural space bear a complex relationship to each other. Architecture competes with the exhibited objects on the one hand and gives way to them on the other, enabling the museum to develop as regards content.... ...
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Diemer Karina . Spying on Moscow: A Winged Guide to Architecture

This collector’s album presents Moscow’s architectural icons. With photographic precision, Denis Esakov captures the fifth fa&#231;ade of the largest European metropolis: roofs, domes, and cube-like buildings stacked on top of each other. By... ...
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Kuznetsov Pavel . The Melnikov House

The Melnikov House, a building designed by the architect Konstantin Melnikov in Moscow for his family (1927 - 1929), is an icon of the architectural avant-garde. The house was originally built as an experimental cylindrical house to test out... ...
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