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. CD-ROM. ABC Adventures

There-s soon to be a party for everyone in Letterland but first you have find them all to invite them! Clues will help you to find all the characters hidden in the Letterland scenes. When you find a character, you get to play a special game as a reward. There are also songs with actions for each character so you can and sing and dance along. This great new software from Letterland is specially des...
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. DVD. A Christmas Story

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Holt Lisa . Grammar Activity Book 1

Just as road signs tell car drivers how to behave on the roads, punctuation enables readers to successfully navigate sentences and paragraphs. This book introduces sentences and explains how punctuation helps a reader to understand meaning. ...
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Holt Lisa . Grammar Activity Book 2

Just as there are lots of different types of streets, so there are lots of different types of sentences. This activity book helps children to recognise the grammatical patterns of expanded noun phrases, statements, questions, exclamations and commands. ...
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Holt Lisa . Grammar Activity Book 3

Words are like buildings that can be changed, developed and extended. Prefixes and suffixes are like the porches or extensions we can add to houses.The structure of the house remains the same, but the function is extended. In this book, children learn... ...
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