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Powell Kenneth. 30 St Mary Axe: a Tower for London

The new office building designed by Foster and Partners for client Swiss Re at 30 St Mary Axe in London is already a well-established icon on the City skyline. Intelligently conceived, innovative in design and construction, and environmentally progressive, there can be few offices worldwide that have earned such affection from the public. This major new book tells the fascinating story of the gene...
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Bingham. New Boutique

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Long. New London Interiors

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De Burton. New Motorcycle Yearbook 2

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Geddes-Brown Leslie. Walled Garden

A celebration of walled gardens worldwide, from the Far-East to North America, and from Britain and Europe to North Africa. Includes the work of such celebrated designers as Gertrude Jekyll, Vita Sackville-West, Terence Conran, Beatrix Farrand and Christopher Bradley-Hole. An invaluable resource for garden designers, horticultural students and all garden lovers....
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Caroline Evans. The House of Viktor & Rolf

Famed for their high-concept catwalk shows and extravagant collections, the radical Dutch design duo Viktor & Rolf have taken the fashion world by storm over the last 15 years. This sumptuously produced book is the most comprehensive exploration of Viktor & Rolf’s work to date, and includes an essay by the fashion historian Caroline Evans, an interview with the designers, a detailed biography and ...
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Andreas von Einsiedel. Dream Rooms: Inspirational Interiors from 100 Homes

Subtitled, inspirational Interiors From 100 Homes. A sumptuous sourcebook for sparking new ideas, clearly organised by room, and focusing on colour, pattern, furniture and more....
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Cathy Strongman. The Sustainable Home

An essential guide to sustainable building, decorating materials and techniques. Features thirty case studies from around the world....
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Stephen Newbury. The Car Design Yearbook 8

This new title in The Car Design Yearbook series features all the new cars launched worldwide from April 2008 to March 2009. This year-s edition marks the launch of the Car Design Yearbook Awards, which nominate winners in the categories Best Concept Car, Best Production Car, Best Interior, The Environmental Award and Designer of the Year. For the eighth yearbook, Stephen Newbury and Tony Lewin al...
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Haverstock Mary Sayre. George Bellows: An Artist in Action

A prolific and progressive painter known for his dynamic representations of American life, George Wesley Bellows (1882- 1925) worked for a time as a semi-professional baseball player after leaving his native Columbus, Ohio, to study at the New York School of Art under Robert Henri. A leading member of the Ashcan school of artists (see opposite), Bellows was a master of realism, noted for his vivid...
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Dolkart Judith F. James Tissot: The Life of Christ

In 1885, having achieved success painting fashionable society in London and Paris, French painter James Tissot (18361902) experienced a religious vision that led to both a renewal of his beliefs and a dramatic shift in his artistic focus. Over the next 10 years, Tissot devoted himself to a project to illustrate the New Testament. The result was The Life of Christ, a monumental series of 350 waterc...
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Quinn Bradley. Fashion Futures

Today fashion is moving forward at a faster pace than ever before, with advancing technologies and new materials reinventing clothing as we know it. Futuristic garment designs are often inspired by surprising sources: biological science, climate change, space suits, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and nanotechnology. Fashion Futures offers a fascinating survey of these new directions,...
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Scott Traer. Shelter Dogs

Photographer Traer Scott-s endearing portraits of dogs living in American shelters are irresistible and heart-rending - and make a passionate appeal to dog lovers everywhere. The portraits reveal the strikingly intense emotion, dignity and, sometimes, humour and whimsy that Scott saw in each face despite the dog-s circumstances. By documenting the undeniable expressions of emotion in the dogs enco...
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Scott Traer. Shelter Dogs

Photographer Traer Scotts portraits of dogs living in American shelters are endearing and heartrending, and make a passionate appeal to dog lovers everywhere. Some of the dogs subsequently found good homes; others were never adopted. The images reveal the strikingly intense emotion, dignity and even humor that Scott saw in each face, despite the dogs circumstances. By documenting the unique charac...
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. Museum of Proletarian Culture

Try and imagine what a museum of creativity looks like. This book tells of a challenging exhibition held in one of the major Russian museums-the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Arseniy Zhilyaev created a conceptual project for an imaginary museum. The... ...
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Barnes Martin . Horst. Patterns from Nature

Horst P. Horst (1906-1999) was one of the twentieth century's master photographers. A revered figure in the world of fashion image making, he charted sixty years of style for Vogue and House and Garden, from the fashions and celebrities of the... ...
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Oleg Tolstoy-Miloslavsky . The Tolstoys in the 21st Century

The Tolstoys in the 21st Century is a photographic portrayal of the modern day Tolstoy dynasty, as photographed by Oleg Tolstoy-Miloslavsky, a relation of one of the world's greatest writers. Tolstoy-Miloslavsky, who trained in London and whose... ...
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Mancoff Debra N. . The Garden in Art

Rich in symbolism and metaphor, and blessed with its own varied and dramatic palette, the garden has proved to be an extremely fertile source of artistic inspiration. In The Garden in Art, acclaimed art historian Debra N. Mancoff reveals the many... ...
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