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Dahmane Nicholas. Dahmane. Addicted to Nudes

Dahmane has been passionately devoted to nude photography for more than 25 years, with his last two offerings Dressed Nudes and Erotic Sessions out of print and greatly sought-after. Dahmane is now inviting us to join him on an -erotic journey of digital visions.- He has put down his Leica, and taken up digital technology. His work transcends the barriers and limitations of analogue photography an...
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Muller Herta. Nadirs

Juxtaposing reality and fantasy, nightmares and dark laughter, Nadirs is a collection of largely autobiographical stories based on Herta Muller-s childhood in the Romanian countryside. The individual tales reveal a child s often nightmarish impressions of life in her village. Seamlessly mixing reality with dream-like images, they brilliantly convey the inner, troubled life of a child and at the sa...
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Cohen David Elliot. William & Catherine. Their Romance and Royal Wedding in Photographs

Perhaps because we have no royalty, Americans especially are fascinated by the pageantry and fairy-tale romance of British weddings. Few events capture the world-s heart and imagination like a British royal wedding. In 1981, we were enchanted as Prince Charles wed lovely Lady Di, generating worldwide attention and massive sales of wedding-related products. As the young managing editor of a photo-n...
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Ali Tariq. The Obama Syndrome

Written in early 2010 and initially published in September, The Obama Syndrome predicted the Obama administration-s historic midterm defeat. But unlike myriad commentators who have since pinned responsibility for that Democratic Party collapse on the -reform- president-s lack of firm resolve, Ali-s critique located the problem in Obama-s notion of reform itself. Barack Obama campaigned for the pre...
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Cuming Fred. Another Figure in the Landscape

Fred Cuming RA is one of the most respected landscape artists of the present day, and he is particularly admired for his ability to capture atmosphere and a powerful sense of place. His work is sensitive, immensely thoughtful and considered, poetic......
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Jackson Matthew O. Economic Analyses of Social Networks

-The economic importance of social interactions not mediated by the market has long been recognized. However, it is only the emergence of network analysis that has supplied a useful method of study. The editors have performed a signal service by......
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Mieville China . October. The Story of the Russian Revolution

Award-winning writer China Mi&#233;ville has long been inspired by the ideals of the Russian Revolution and here, on the centenary of the revolution, he provides his own distinctive take on its history. In February 1917, in the midst of bloody... ...
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Faroux Renaud . Francois Bard

Fran&#231;ois Bard puise son inspiration dans une proximit&#233; quotidienne : amis, proches ou anonymes crois&#233;s dans la rue, pour en faire des portraits transcendants et majestueux. Influenc&#233; par la grande tradition de... ...
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Wright Barnaby . Soutine`s Portraits

Chaim Soutine (1893-1943) produced some of the most powerful and expressive portraits of modern times. His ability to capture in paint the character, humanity and emotion of his sitters is the hallmark of Soutine's greatest work. The major... ...
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Mondadori Sartogo Martina . The Interiors and Architecture of Renzo Mongiardino: A Painterly Vision

This book explores the... ...
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. Maisy: Advent Calendar (with Stickers)

The Art of Fine Gifts: Enjoy the countdown to Christmas! Open a door every day in December and find a beautiful Christmas sticker! This advent calendar is a delight for adults and children with its sparkling glittered cover. With charmingly cheerful... ...
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Sir Richard Francis Burton . The Arabian Nights

The Arabian Nights is your magic carpet ride to exotic lands full of wonders and marvels. First collected nearly a thousand years ago, these folktales are presented as stories that crafty Scheherazade tells her husband, King Shahryar, over a thousand... ...
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