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Pucci Gianni . Details in Fashion Design. Collars & Necklines

This visual reference book shows, with over twelve hundred fashion full color photographs, a wide range of possibilities, styles, and trends in today's fashion.Gianna Pucci's (, compilation of fashion and runway shoots... ...
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1170 руб.

Pasques P. . Racing Cars. 3D Paper Craft

A revitalization of the paper craft has been rediscovered because of designers and artistically - and creatively-interested web users posting tutorials and then finished products on the internet and blogs. This instructive title is easy to understand... ...
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1311 руб.

Tourenne Virginie . Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: 3D Paper Craft:

The newest title in the 3D Paper Craft series, 3D Paper Craft Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the first book in the fairy tale category. Girls will especially love this 3D paper doll collection, where they can create not only their favorite... ...
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4895 руб.

. Exhibition Art. Graphics and Space Design

Exhibition Art collects over 60 of the world's most creative exhibition designs including fascinating space design solutions and sophisticated graphic design ideas. The examples may range from extraordinarily large events such as a World's... ...
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