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Grossi Pietro. The Break

Dino is a placid, unambitious man. Living in a small provincial town, his only passion is billiards - he spends his evenings in the local billiards parlor honing his technique. One day, however, his quiet life is interrupted - his wife falls pregnant. This sparks a series of events that shake Dino from his slumber, challenging him for the first time. Born in Florence in 1978, Pietro Grossi lives b...
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Murakami . Popular Hits of the Showa Era

Born in 1952 in Nagasaki prefecture, Ryu Murakami is the enfant terrible of contemporary Japanese literature. Awarded the prestigious Akutagawa Prize in 1976 for his first book, a novel about a group of young people drowned in sex and drugs, he has... ...
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Murakami . Sixty-Nine

In a small, inconsequential city in Japan, all that matters to 17-year-old Kensuke Yazaki and his friends is girls, rock music and, to a much lesser extent, school. Told at high speed and with irresistible humour by Kensuke himself, this is the story... ...
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Murakami Ryu . From the Fatherland with Love

From the Fatherland, with Love is set in an alternative, dystopian present in which the dollar has collapsed and Japan's economy has fallen along with it. The North Korean government, sensing an opportunity, sends a fleet of 'rebels' in... ...
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Teffi Nadezhda. Subtly Worded

Teffi-s genius with the short form made her a literary star in pre-revolutionary Russia, beloved by Tsar Nicholas II and Vladimir Lenin alike. These stories, taken from the whole of her career, show the full range of her gifts. Extremely funny -......
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. Rasputin and Other Ironies

Ranging from portraits of Rasputin and Lenin to observations on the Russian Revolution, and from profiles of cultural figures to moving domestic scenes, this short collection includes writings by the inimitable Teffi never before published in English.... ...
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Bely Andrei . Petersburg

Petersburg is a story of family dysfunction, parricide, political terror, conspiracy and murder, but it also points to apocalypse and redemption. The world of history - the revolution of 1905 - and the world of myth - in the figure of Saturn, who... ...
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Babel I. . Odessa Stories

In the original Odessa Stories collection published in 1931, Babel describes the life of the fictional Jewish mob boss Benya Krik - one of the great anti-heroes of Russian literature - and his gang in the ghetto of Moldavanka, around the time of the... ...
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Teffi . Memories: From Moscow to the Black Sea

BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week 'Wonderfully idiosyncratic, coolly heartfelt and memorable' William Boyd 'I never imagined such a memoir could be possible...enthralling' Antony Beevor 'A vividly idiosyncratic personal account of... ...
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Murakami R. . Coin Locker Babies

As they grow up, they join the ranks of... ...
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Elizarov M. . The Librarian

Gromov is merely a forgotten writer of Soviet propagandist novels. But he has left behind his Books and the powers they impart - the Fury to tear enemies limb from limb, the Memory of a perfect childhood, the Strength to overcome all fear of death.... ...
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