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Krols Birgit. Bimbos & Machos: A Photographic View of a 20th Century Phenomenon

Bimbos and machos. A match made in heaven: both are twentieth century cultural phenomena that are unrivalled in their straightforwardness. With examples from tv, film, comics, games, literature, music and real life, this book attempts to explore the bimbo and macho universe and pay tribute to the greatest bimbos and machos of all time. Kelly Bundy, David Hasselhof, Lolo Ferrari, Poncherello, Britn...
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450 руб.

Krols Birgit. Extreme Venues

How about an incentive in an igloo, a wedding in a submarine or a birthday party in the world-s biggest toy store? From traditional to contemporary, intimate to large-scale - Extreme Venues sought and found the most unique, eccentric and unusual venues on earth. More than 40 radically original gathering locations from all over the world in words and images....
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900 руб.

Joachim Martin. Amazing Auctions

Auctions are a kind of business. People have something they want to sell and auction it to the person who offers the most. Regarding business: the domain business.com has been auctioned for $7.5 million and therefore as the most expensive web address ever. But the real gems are, inconspicuously at first, among the totally normal auctions. Bizarre, funny, astonishing, unexpected, shocking-Not -busi...
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1311 руб.

Masso Patricia. Toys for Kids

After the success of Toys for Boys and Toys for Girls, this edition focuses on the most valuable part of our lives - our children. Toys for Kids introduces the most impressive luxury products for children. More than 150 products show the reader how sweet growing up can be. From birth to a child-s first steps into a fascinating world that waits to be discovered, to the teenage years, this amazing b...
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450 руб.

Baeck Philippe. The World-s Most Expensive

An exclusive design or a special edition can make almost any object into a luxury item. But there is only one item in each category that can call itself the most expensive in the world. The Barbie doll with a diamond dress or the unique office chair by a top designer. There is even the most expensive hamburger. This book doesn-t forget the classics, of course: the priciest luxury car... The most e...
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338 руб.

Poncelet Thierry. Oh My Dog!

Art restorer Poncelet has a passion for nineteenth century ancestral portraits and a love for dogs. This blends into an unlikely but fascinating union: he changes the heads on the paintings into those of matching dogs....
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450 руб.

Sannia Alessandro. Fiat 500

The -new- Fiat 500 of 1957 was destined to be a motoring classic. Building upon the company-s pre-war reputation for small utility vehicles, the 500 combined engineering simplicity and Italian design genius. This is the complete illustrated history of the little car that helped Italy grow in the post-war reconstruction of Europe. ICONS OF STYLE is a brand new series of compact illustrated books wh...
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1638 руб.

Farameh Patrice . Toys for Chefs

If the materials make the artist, then the right cooking toys can make the chef. Beyond the simple act of preparing food, cooking for others is a journey of personal creation that expresses one's own individualism through an edible art form.... ...
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